Friday, December 9, 2016

Posters: Rogue One

Rogue One: Regal IMAX Collectable Tickets by Tom Whalen

Beautiful illustrated line from Tim Whalen that are evidently slated for use by Imax.

Concept Art: The Tank Trooper

"The Tank Trooper (Commander)" by Vancouver, Canada-based Shane Molina

Illustration: Temple of Alia

“Illustration done for “Dune Messiah” by Frank Herbert for Centipede Press”

Mash-Up: Calvin & Hobbes / Star Wars

Calvin & Hobbes / Star Wars Mash-Ups by David Kopet
T-shirts available for purchase from TeePublic. US$13+

Fresh Take: The Dark Knight

For the record, I would watch the hell out of animated fantasy take of the Batman mythos.

Sci-Fi Round-Up: December 9, 2016


"A Monster Calls" Director Says Film Is His "Love Letter To Fantasy"
Paul Haggis Discusses $100 Million Sci-Fi Feature "Ship Breaker" 
A Minute With: Felicity Jones Finds The Force For "Rogue One"
Robert Charles Wilson, author of 'Last Year' Explores Paradox-Free Time Travel


Link Round-Up: December 9, 2016

An A.I. wrote a Christmas song and...yeah.

An Atari 2600 Emulator in Minecraft built by Youtube user SethBling. After the initial 'wow' response this is actually a fascinating under-the-hood model/demo/explanation of how video game cartridges and displays functioned.

IKEA products make love less complicated. Made me chuckle.

In her politically-inspired series “Sweet Land of Liberty“, the extremely talented Trina Merry painted the bodies of models of different shapes and sizes so that they would blend into the landscape of iconic American landmarks such as the White House, the Jefferson Memorial, the Freedom Tower, the Supreme Court, the Lincoln Memorial, Independence Hall and the Washington Monument. The project is a powerful comment on Merry’s belief of “justice, balance, human rights.” In an excellent Time Out New York profile, Merry shared where she found the inspiration for her creative projects.

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