Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Video: Remix in the Matrix

The Matrix is a phenomenal movie.  The narrative value of the sequels might be debatable, but the first film makes the cut of the top ten best action films of all time, hands down.  Eclectic Method is back with a movie remix that will take you back to the nineties and make you want to dig your glowsticks out.

Video: Rayna meets a "Robot"

Watch as this little girl declares her love for a “robot” that is in fact an abandoned water heater.  So cute!  I like to imagine her father dragged it in off the curb and set it up in her bedroom as the little girl's personal robotic guardian.
"As the girl turns away, a slow tear trickled down the water heaters face. For no one had ever told the water heater they loved him before."

Humor: The Battle of the Century

"The Battle of the Century" by Alena Dausacker
Source: Reddit

Short Film: Trunk of Death

Written by Ben J. Tucker

A serial killer who dwells in an apartment building has to make like Jeffrey Dahmer every so often, and dump a corpse without anyone noticing. Unless, as in Greg Pregent’s wryly funny Trunk of Death, his oblivious neighbors happen to be way too helpful. Who knew Woody Allen was a serial killer?

Concept Art: Hearthstone: E-Sports

"Illustration to celebrate Hearthstone as an E-Sport!  The main concept was to transform the cozy and welcoming tavern into a challenging and exciting arena!"

Concept Art: Nocturnal Butterfly

"Nocturnal Butterfly" by Kiev, Ukraine-based Denys Tsiperko

"My idea is an orbital station with mechanical titan on board, created by humanity to defend the planet Earth.

Most of the nuclear and chemical developments were transferred to this station in order to purify the planet and to preserve safety, and the project itself was called The Nocturnal Butterfly, due to its similarity to butterflies, roaming around the source of light in the night. Character’s design is also strongly connected and inspired by one of the nocturnal butterfly species - Laothoe amurensis.

Station’s operating principles: in passive state - it serves as scientific and development center, but, in case of any danger threatening our planet - The Nocturnal Butterfly comes out of it’s cocoon."

Concept Art: Panther

"Panther" by Kiev, Ukraine-based Vladislav Ociacia

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